الخميس 14 رجب 1440
Thursday Rajab 14 1440
Thursday 21 March 2019


We would like to address the issue of unity with the Shi’ah, as epitomised by Khomeini as “No Sunni, No Shi’a, only Islam fighting against the  West” and “Love for some of the Ahlul Bait.” These slogans are just as misleading as the Kharijite’s “La Hukma illa Lillah (there is no sovereignty, but for Allah)” to Sayyadina ‘Ali Radiallahu Anhu.

This misleading slogan, which is normally only used in places where Shi’ahs are in the minority, is the biggest farce in history which has corrupted many sincere people wanting to find the path of truth.  Muslims can never unite with the Shi’ah, except in some limited economic, political or social issues, for the following reasons:

  1. The structure and nature of Shi’ism is such that it’s anti-Islam. History testifies that Shi’ahs or Shi’ah governments never raised their sword against infidels, or conquered their lands through Jihad. All their efforts have been to divide and weaken Islam. Even today as Palestine and the Sunni world is under attack and experiencing severe internal chaos, Iran is aiding Shi’ah governments in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq to butcher Sunnis
  2. The Shi’ahs have historically discredited themselves on a number of occasions in this regard, for which they have never apologized for, but are till today proud of:
  • Their assassination of Caliph  ‘Umar  Radiallahu Anhu,  organizing a  revolt  against Sayyyadina ‘Uthman Radiallahu Anhu   which led to his murder, their preventing of peace between Sayyadina ‘Ali Radiallahu Anhu   and Sayyidah ‘Aisha in the Battle of Jamal, the poisoning of Sayyadinna Hassan  Radiallahu Anhu    and the betrayal of Sayyadina Hussein Radiallahu Anhu   at Karbala. The mausoleum of Sayyadina ‘Umar Radiallahu Anhu’s killer is present today in Iran, called “Baba Shuja’uddin;”
  • Instigating the revolt of the Zanj (Black Slaves) against the ‘Abbasid Caliphate between 255 AH -270 AH in which one and a half million Muslims were slain, and many Masjids destroyed. (Tarikhul Khulafa of At-Tabari, vol.   3, page 224);
  • The Qaramita, a branch of the Batinite Shi’ahs, who believed that liquor was allowed and it was not necessary to obtain purity from defilement, also attacked the Abbasid Caliphate and killed many Sunnnis. During the Hajj of 930, it’s leader Abū-Tāhir Al-Jannābī, laid siege to Makkah and for six days, killed many people in front of the Ka’bah, dumping their bodies in the Zam Zam well. He then removed the Hajr-e-Aswad to Bahrain, where he kept it for seventeen years, regularly urinating on it, before breaking it into pieces and returning it to the ‘Abbasids for a hefty ransom;
  • In 618 AH ibn al-‘Alqami – a trusted Shi’ah minister of the last ‘Abasid Caliph, invited the Tartars to raid Baghdad and bring an end to this glorious dynasty. He reduced the army from 100 000 to a mere 10 000, whom he assigned menial jobs such as guarding Masjids and bazaars. In their 40-day stay in Baghdad, 1.8 million Muslims were slaughtered, except for those who took refuge in ibn al-‘Alqami’s home;
  • The Ismaili Shi’ahs wrested power from the ‘Abbasids and established the Fatimid Dynasty in 909 AH, making a huge part of North Africa, including Egypt, Shi’ah. Thus began a long, but unsuccessful period of Sunni persecution and conversion which only came to an end in 1171 AH when it was reconquered by Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Ayyubi. During this time, the Fatimids enlisted the  help  of  the  Crusaders  on  numerous  occasions  in  order  to weaken the Sunni Seljuk state. Jerusalem was also stormed and many were slaughtered;
  • In 905, Ismail founded the Safavid Empire in Iran and made Shi’ism the official state religion. He mercilessly slaughtered all the Sunni scholars, and brought their legacy to   an end. In 1590, Shah Abbas, with the help of English, fought against the Ottomans in Austria and diverted all pilgrims from Makkkah to Mashad in Iran;
  • In 1971, Iran refused to return the Arab Islands (Al-Kubra, Abu Musa, Tunub al-Tunub, Surra and Al-Sughra) after the British withdrew to the Arabs. Shah Ridha Pahlavi recognized Israel in 1948, and even annexed Bahrain as it’s 14th province in 1957. Bahrain only gained independence from the Shi’ahs in 1971. The Shi’ahs also showed the Zionists the way into the Sabra and Shatillaa refugee camps in 1984, which led to the merciless slaughter of 1000s of helpless refugees. After the 1979 Revolution by Khomeini, Shi’ism is being viciously propagated worldwide.

To be continued In Shaa Allah

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الخميس 14 رجب 1440 
Thursday Rajab 14 1440
21 March 2019

Righteousness And Maintaining Good Relations With Relatives

Abdullah bin 'Amr Radiallahu Anhu narrated that the Messenger of Allah Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam said:
"The merciful are shown mercy by Ar-Rahman. Be merciful on the earth, and you will be shown mercy from Who is above the heavens. The womb is named after Ar-Rahman, so whoever connects it (family ties), Allah connects him, and whoever severs it, Allah severs him."