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The Life of Hakeemul Ummat (68) PDF Print E-mail
Tasawwuf - Auliya

11.8 Proclaiming the Truth

In the words of the author of Ashrafus Sawaanih:

“On occasions of necessity Hazrat Wala engaged in momentous discussions and contentious masaail with such beauty that neither did he hesitate at all in proclaiming and proving the Haq (Truth), nor did he leave anything left to be desired in refuting and exposing baatil, nor did he hurt the feelings of anyone and nor did he let go of the reins of culture. He would personally say:
‘I serve karela [bitter melon], however spiced up with relishing spices and I administer quinine pills coated in sugar. In this way, instead of distaste, it goes down enjoyably and with ease down the throat.”

In this regard, it has been seen on many occasions that he spoke bare facts to modernists and enlightened thinkers with such attraction that, instead of them becoming unhappy, they smiled and readily accepted.

In the Mu’tamarul Ansaar gathering in Meerath, a virulent speaker hit out against the secular educated class. He went so far as to call them “mal’oon”, and they obviously took offence. The following day Hazrat Thanwi, introducing the same topic, said:
“Due to lack of time whatever Moulana said was ambiguous. As the topic is urgent I will therefore present a detailed address of it today.”

The poor souls [the secular educated class] looked on with even greater consternation and concluded that Hazrat Thanwi was going to saw them to bits and pieces. This apprehension of theirs, however, turned out incorrect. This was because Hazrat spoke with such decorum and refinement that not a single provocative word came out of his graceful tongue, notwithstanding the fact that he detailed and elaborated on the heretic and kufr beliefs of the modernists, unlike the previous speaker. Thereafter, he left the conclusion to them saying:
“Keeping the Shariat-e-Muqaddasah in front of you, what do you say of a person with such beliefs and practices?”

They were forced to accept, not in a distasteful manner, rather fully satisfied and repentant: “Truly we are of that nature.”

Thereupon, Hazrat dealt the final islaahi [reformatory] blow saying:
“If you truly wish to reform yourselves then stay as guests for at least forty days at one whom you regard to be an expert [in Deen; that is by an Aalim of the Haq]. However, maintain silence and write down all your queries and hand it over to him. Then listen to the talk in the majlis from time to time and in privacy reflect over it. I repose my trust in Allah Ta’ala and promise, in fact I make a claim, that in this manner, Insha Allahu Ta’ala, your doubts will be dispelled and at least your Aqaa-id [Islamic Beliefs] will be totally corrected. Once your Aqaa-id have been corrected then by virtue of that, your A’maal [Islamic Practices] will gradually be corrected.”

This had an even greater impact on them that he is not only making a claim, he is prepared to take them through an experience. This was purely the barkat of the beautiful art of speech; that the people’s faults and mistakes would reflect before them in a mirror, and instead of staring at Hazrat they would see the ghastly sight of their life and become stupefied and ashamed.

Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah Khan Saheb - Episodes & Lessons from the Life of Hazrat Moulana


The Journey of Taqwa

In our previous issue, it was mentioned that Hadhrat Moulana Maseehullah Rahmatullahi alayh, despite being unwell and weak, accepted the heartfelt and sincere invitation to visit Pakistan extended to him by his family, friends and Mureeds. The enthusiasm, fervor and passion of his acquaintances who longed for his companionship stirred and encouraged him to undertake the challenging journey. Hadhrat was approximately 79 years old. After Fajr Salaah, he broached the subject of undertaking the journey with this writer in a very informal, brief manner. He mentioned that further discussions would continue after breakfast.

And so we met after breakfast. A few fortunate souls planning a journey that would touch the lives of scores of people. In a simple village called Jalalabad, some serious issues were going to be discussed which would affect many lives’. Present in the meeting was Hadhrat’s son, Bhaijaan Rahmatullahi alayh, two other close khaadims of Hadhrat and this writer. Dates for the departure and return were proposed and analyzed. The visa requirements were discussed. Time was short as the Siyaanatul Muslimeen Jalsa which Hadhrat wished to attend, was due to begin in a few days. It appeared impossible to get the visa and the bookings done before the Jalsa commenced. There were murmurs of concern and worried frowns until someone exclaimed excitedly:
“Hadhrat, I remember that during your previous trip to Pakistan, a very prominent person had sent a letter addressed to the Pakistani Ambassador based in Delhi to assist with your visa application. The visa was immediately granted. By presenting the letter at the embassy, Insha-Allah, the visa could be obtained today. Hadhrat, I know where that letter is!”

Everyone was overjoyed at this good news beside Hadhrat who was thinking deeply. The letter was brought and read aloud. Yep, this was it! The visa was as good as issued. We were staring at one another, celebrating with glittering eyes at our good fortune and the “help of Allah”.  Hadhrat was also staring deeply… but he was staring at something else.
“I am just thinking that this letter to the Ambassador was meant for that journey and it may not have been intended to be used for this current journey which I wish to undertake. I do not feel right to use it now.”

The Story of The Screen PDF Print E-mail
Ta’leem and Tarbiyat - Series

The Story of The Screen

Since the focal point of any digital device is its screen, we can say that today the screen seems to have become the most vital thing in our life. Our attachment and dependence on it are just unimaginable. It could be the screen of the television, the PC, the laptop, the tablet, or any other internet connected digital tool. Winning the race by a huge margin is of course the screen of the smartphone.
At this juncture, the question might arise: How did the screen in the first place come into our life?
To find out the answer we must press the ‘rewind’ button to a point not very far off in history – only about fifty to seventy years before.
In those days the only screen people knew was the one found in a movie house or a drive-in cinema. Movies are projected onto this extraordinarily large screen and are watched by members of the public on purchase of tickets. During that period people were totally unaware that in near future the entire humanity was going to be passionately attached to the screen in one way or the other.
With the advent of the TV and the video player the electronic screen sneaked into the living rooms of our homes. Many people installed TVs with large screens in their living rooms, transferring their living rooms into ‘mini theaters’. They started spending hours watching movies, soap operas, live shows etc on these screens. Soon people got so addicted to these programs that you could say they were actually glued to the screen during most of their leisure time.

A selection of Ahadith from Kanzul ‘Ummal 02 PDF Print E-mail
Behshti Zewar - Beneficial Stories

A selection of Ahadith from Kanzul ‘Ummal

Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said: "Allah loves the woman who has love and affection for her husband and safeguards herself from other men."

Lesson: This means that she should not consider it below her dignity to express her love and adulation for her husband as is the habit of certain proud and haughty women.

Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam said: "Women are also parts of men."

Lesson: It is a well-known fact that Hawwa was created from Adam ‘alayhimas salam. The meaning of this Hadith is that rules that are applicable to men are applicable to women as well, except for certain specific rules.

Based on this, even if their virtues are not mentioned separately, then too there is nothing to complain about. The virtues for good deeds which are mentioned with regard to men are applicable to women as well.

A selection of Ahadith from Kanzul ‘Ummal 01 PDF Print E-mail
Behshti Zewar - Beneficial Stories

A selection of Ahadith from Kanzul ‘Ummal

Rasulullah sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam addressed women and said: "Aren't you pleased that when a woman falls pregnant through her husband and he is happy with her falling pregnant, she will receive a reward equal to a person fasting in the path of Allah and engaging in ‘ibadah at night in the path of Allah? When she experiences labour pains, the things which are kept in store for her and which will provide her with comfort are not known to all those in the heavens and the earth. Thereafter when the child is born, for every drop of milk that he drinks and each time that he sucks her breast, one reward will be recorded in her favour. When the mother has to wake up at night on account of the child, she will receive the reward of freeing 70 slaves in the path of Allah. O Salamat! Do you know who these women are? They are those who, despite being pious and delicately brought up, are obedient to their husbands and are not ungrateful to them."

Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said: "When a woman gives anything in charity from her husband's house without destroying it, she will be rewarded on account of her giving. The husband will also be rewarded because it is his hard-earned money. The person who has been entrusted to distribute the charity will also receive a similar reward. No one's reward will decrease on account of the other."

Lesson: A woman should not be under the misconception that if the income is the husband's she would not receive any reward.

More on Oaths Related to Eating and Drinking PDF Print E-mail
Behshti Zewar - Etiquette

More on Oaths Related to Eating and Drinking

A person took an oath that he will not eat this flour. If he eats bread that is made from this flour, his oath will break. If any pudding, sweetmeat or anything else is made from this flour, even then his oath will break. If he eats a mouthful of this raw flour, his oath will not break.

A person took an oath that he will not eat bread. If he eats any bread, his oath will break irrespective of how it is made or what ingredients are used. As long as it is referred to as bread in that area, his oath will break if he consumes it.

Oaths Related to Eating and Drinking PDF Print E-mail
Behshti Zewar - Etiquette

Oaths Related to Eating and Drinking

A person took an oath that he will not drink this milk. Thereafter that milk turned into yoghurt and he consumed it. His oath will not break.

A person had a kid goat and took an oath that he will not consume the meat of that kid. After that kid grew into a fully grown adult goat, he consumed its meat. His oath will break.

A person took an oath that he will not consume any meat. Thereafter, he consumed some fish, liver or the tripe of an animal. His oath will not break.

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