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“We shall most certainly test you with a measure of fear, hunger, and  decrease in wealth, life and crops. And, convey good news to the Saabireen (patient ones). They are those who, when a misfortune strikes them, say: ‘Verily, we belong to Allah, and unto Him shall we return.”

The Mu’min’s reaction when struck by calamity and hardship, according to the Hadith, is to recite the hamd (praise) of Allah and to adopt sabr (patience). Sabr is the minimum Waajib (compulsory) degree of acceptance of the Will and Decree of Allah Ta’ala. The weakest Muslim is required to inculcate this minimum degree of conformity with the Will of Allah.

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Tasawwuf - Sayings of Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi (R.A)


The way of discovery of the secrets and wisdoms underlying the Ahkaam (Laws of the Shariat) is not enquiring from the Ulama. The responsibility of the Ulama is to apprize of and explain the laws. It is not their responsibility to explain mysteries and wisdoms.

The only, sure way of gaining knowledge of the secrets and wisdoms of the Ahkaam is to sincerely give practical expression to the laws. This will lead to Divine Proximity which will result in the spiritual heart becoming enlightened with nooraaniyat (spiritual lustre and radiance). The revelation of the Asraar (secrets and wisdoms) is thus attainable only by way of Qurb (Divine Proximity) and Noor.

(Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi rahmatullah alayh)

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The following types of deaths are regarded in the Shariah as deaths of Shahaadat In other words, a person who dies in any one of these ways will die as a Shaheed (martyr).

  • Death in a plague or epidemic.
  • Death by drowning.
  • Death in a foreign land.
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Hadhrat Hakimul Ummat (rahmatullah alayh) said:

“It is not a wonderful feat for those who have a perfectly entrenched Nisbat (spiritual relationship of divine proximity) with Allah Ta’ala if they do not incline towards sin. There is nothing astonishing if a man who is constantly overwhelmed by Khauf (fear) remains  spiritually pure at all times.

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Malakul Maut

When Allah Azza Wa Jal announced to the Angels that He had made Hadhrat Ibraaheem (alayhis salaam) His Khaleel (Friend),  Hadhrat Izraaeel (alayhis salaam) – the Angel of Death – requested permission to convey this good news to Nabi Ibraaheem (alayhis salaam). Permission was granted.

After Malakul Maut conveyed the glad tidings, Nabi Ibraaheem (alayhis salaam) said: “O Izraaeel, show me how you extract the souls of the kuffaar.”  Malakul Maut: “You will not be able to bear seeing it.” When Hadhrat Ibraaheem (alayhis salaam) persisted, Izraaeel (alayhis salaam) transformed himself into the form in which he appears at the time of capturing the souls of the kuffaar. In front of him, Hadhrat Ibraaheem (alayhis salaam) beheld a hideous and massive creature. His head reached the sky and flames were being emitted from every part of his body. The horror of the sight was such that Nabi Ibraaheem (alayhis salaam) fell down unconscious.

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Envious people misinformed the Khalifah about the Sufiyaa. On account of their lack of understanding they interpreted the statements of the Sufiyaa as being heretical and kufr. The Khalifah ordered the execution of the Sufiyaa among whom were Hadhrat Junaid Baghdaadi and Sheikh Abul Hasan Noori (rahmatullahi alaihima). When it was time for the execution, Sheikh Abul Hasan Noori eagerly advanced to the executioner who enquired: “Why did you step forward?” Sheikh Noori said: “So that my friend may live a few extra moments.”

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Quraan Hadith & Sunnah - Rasoolallah صلالله عليه وسلم


Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: “Verily, the miscarried foetus will dispute with its Rabb at the time when Allah will order his parents to be cast into Jahannum. It will be said: ‘O foetus who disputes with its Rabb! Take your parents into Jannat.’ The foetus will then drag them into Jannat by his umbilical cord until both are entered into Jannat.”
(This is the reward for the Sabr of the parents at the time of a miscarriage and when a deformed child is born.)

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Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah Khan Saheb - Sayings of Hazrat Moulana Maseehullah Khan Saheb


1. As will a persons courage accordingly will the assistance be received.

2. According to dermination, help is guaranteed. The determination of man brings the help of Allah.

3. It is necessary to keep a wacthful eye over ones subordinates

4. The Shaikh must be the tongue and the mureed the ears.

5. a real shaikh is he who reprimands his subordinates upon their blameworthy actions






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