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Truth Always Prevails PDF Print E-mail

Truth Always Prevails

The forces of evil are notorious for plotting in order to tarnish the reputation of those who tread the path of truth. The hypocrites plotted against Nabi salallahu alayhi wasallam by making false accusations against his wife `Aisha radiallahu anha. However, truth always prevails. The evildoers and their lies are bound to fail sooner or later.

Imam Abu Haneefah rahimahullah was one such man of truth whom the evildoers desired to harm. One day, they hatched a sly plot to tarnish the reputation of the Imam so that he would lose his respect amongst people. They bribed a young widow who readily agreed to their nefarious plot. While returning home from Masjid every night, Imam Abu Haneefah rahimahullah would pass by her home. One night, she appeared before him with her body and face completely concealed and explained desperation, “Imam! My husband is about to pass away and is intending to make some sort of bequest, but I cannot understand it. Please come quickly!”

Imam Abu Haneefah rahimahullah followed her into her home and after entering, she quickly locked the door behind him. The Imam’s enemies who had slyly concealed themselves within the home, emerged and began slandering him “Imam Abu Haneefah, what are you doing in this private residence in the company of a strange young woman at this late hour? You evil man!”

They immediately handed the innocent Imam and the young woman over to the police. The news spread like wildfire and soon reached the ears of the governor, who instructed that both be put behind bars for the duration of the night. The case would be heard the next morning. Accordingly, they were enclosed in a small cell. The Imam was in the state of wudhu’ and immediately started commenced performing Nafl Salah. The young woman could not do nothing but watch the Imam, and soon realized her error of attempting to vilify such a respectable man and waited for the Imam to complete this salah. She then begged forgiveness and confessed to their mischievous plot.

The Imam declared, “We cannot undo what has occurred, but I have a plan that can clear our names,”

“What?” she quickly asked.

Imam Abu Haneefah rahimahullah explained, “Please to the guard outside to let you free so that you can return home for a moment. Convince him that you were brought here without any explanation and that you need to attend an essential task which cannot be delayed. Ask him to accompany you so that he does not doubt your intention to return. When he agrees you should proceed to my home, where you should enlighten my wife regarding the proceedings. Ask her to disguise herself by donning your clothing and request her to come here immediately.”

The young woman succeeded in convincing the guard, and the Imam’s wife reached his prison cell in a short while. The next morning, the governor summoned the Imam and his wife. The Imam’s enemies were in attendance in large numbers, anxious to see the Imam’s reputation tarnished.

When the case was brought forward, the governor asked, “Abu Haneefah, you are a great scholar. How could you engage in such a major crime?”

Imam Abu Haneefah rahimahullah asked, “What are you implying?”

The governor continued, “You were caught in the presence of a strange young woman in privacy late at night.”

Imam Abu Haneefah rahimahullah explained, “She is no stranger to me.”

The governor asked, “Who is she to you?”

Imam Abu Haneefah rahimahullah pointed to his father in law and said, “Ask this honourable man to clarify who she is.”

The elderly man was called forward and he explained, “This is my daughter. I handed her over in marriage to Imam Abu Haneefah at such and such place.”

The enemies were left utterly defeated by the amazing ingenuity with which Allah Ta’ala had blessed the Imam.

Behshti Zewar - Fiqah


When any impurity is burnt, its smoke becomes pure. If it becomes hard and something is made out of it, then it will also be pure. As has been said of sal ammoniac, that it is made out of impure smoke.

Sand and dust that is on of some impurity is pure on condition that the dampness of the impurity does not make them damp as well.

Gases that rise from impurities are pure. Worms that emerge from fruits are pure, but it is not proper to eat them if they are alive (or even dead). The same rule applies to the worms of wild figs, etc.

When edibles such as meat, sweetmeats, etc. get stale and begin to stink, they do not become impure. But when taking into consideration the harm that can be caused, it will not be proper to consume them.

The saliva which comes out from a person's mouth while he is sleeping is pure.

An egg whose colour has changed is pure as long as it is not broken.

The skin of a snake is pure.

The water with which a dead person is given a bath is impure.

The skin of a snake is impure, i.e. the skin which is still attached to its body. The skin which it sheds is pure.

The saliva of a dead person is impure.

If one or two pieces of dung or excreta of a cow or goat fall into the milk while they are being milked, it is excusable as long as the dung or excreta is removed immediately. If it falls at some time other than the time of milking, the milk will become impure.

If a four to five year old boy who does not understand what wudhu is, makes wudhu; or an insane person makes wudhu, then the water will not be considered to be musta'mal (in other words that water can be used for wudhu by someone else).

An Aalim PDF Print E-mail
Behshti Zewar - Aqaaid

An Aalim

It is related in a Hadith that when an aalim intends to please his Creator with his knowledge, then everything else (in the world) will fear him. (i.e. he will have nothing to fear).

In another Hadith it is mentioned that if the ulama are not the friends of Allah, then in the hereafter Allah has no friend. Meaning that an aalim is in reality a wali. (Sakhaawi).

It is mentioned in a Hadith that to look at the face of an aalim is an act of Ibaadat. (Daylami - on the authority of Anas radiallahu anhu)

Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reported to have said: "Allah be pleased with that man (and woman) who hears something from me and then conveys it to others exactly as he heard it. The reason is that often, the person who receives the message is more knowledgeable than the one who conveys it." (Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah). How great a virtue has been attached to the knowledge of Deen that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam honoured the one who serves the Deen, especially the one who serves the science of Hadith by including him in his blessed dua. The Ulama have stated that through the learning and teaching of Hadith, if there was no other benefit apart from the blessings of this dua; even then one cannot afford to leave these blessings. In reality, great rewards apart from the blessings of this dua are found. O people! value this pious dua, seek knowledge of the Deen and there will be success in this world and in the hereafter.

Your Knowledge PDF Print E-mail
Behshti Zewar - Aqaaid

Your Knowledge

It is mentioned in a Hadith that "You should make Allah beloved in the eyes of the people and Allah Ta'ala will make you His beloved." (Kanzul Ummaal) That is, address the people, and by reminding them of the favours and bounties of Allah, make them turn towards Allah. Educate them in such a way that they begin to yearn for Allah Ta'ala. The result of this will be that Allah Ta'ala will begin to love you. That is, He will shower you with the highest form of mercy. It is obvious that this work can only be carried out by an aalim who practises on his knowledge and no one else. What great glad-tidings are in this for the ulama and sufis! What bounty can be greater in this world and in the hereafter than becoming the beloved of the Real Master? (O Allah! make me Your best servant as well - Aameen).

It is related in a Hadith that the one who will practise on his knowledge, Allah will grant him knowledge which he does not know. (Hulyatul Awliyaa) That is, he will be given the knowledge of unknown things and thereby progress even further with his knowledge.

His Money Was An Obstacle PDF Print E-mail

His Money Was An Obstacle

The Sahaabi of Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam), Qays bin Sa’d bin ‘Ubaadah (radhiyallahu ‘anhuma), once fell ill. While recovering from the illness, he realized that none of his friends had come to visit him. On enquiry, he learned that they were reluctant to visit him due to the fact that they all owed him money (and were thus embarrassed or afraid that he would ask them to repay the loan).

When he heard this, Qays bin Sa‘d (radhiyallahu ‘anhuma) spontaneously said, “May Allah Ta‘ala disgrace the wealth that deters my brothers from visiting me!” He thereafter instructed a person to go out and announce that he had absolved all his debtors of the amounts they owed him.

After the announcement was made, so many visitors arrived to visit him that by nightfall, his doorstep had collapsed due the weight of the people climbing to his door! (Siraajul Mulook pg. 155)


1. A Muslim should not allow money to spoil his relationship with his family or fellow Muslims (as is sometimes the case in winding up estates, dissolving business partnerships, etc). Money can always be recovered. A heart which is broken by an insensitive, hurtful remark or callous behavior, however, seldom recovers completely.

2. The money owed to him was something of value. However, the value of the sunnah and the value of taking the du‘aas of people when they come to visit the sick person was far, far greater. He thus happily sacrificed something of much lesser value for that value which cannot be quantified and estimated.

3. The money owed to him was a small, short term investment. By forgiving it he transferred it “off-shore” into a permanent investment that earns several thousand percent more returns.

4. While he sacrificed money, he “bought” immense and untold barakah. Barakah is not always perceived with the eye. It comes in innumerable ways and is the essence of all good in this world.

The Wajib Acts of Salaat PDF Print E-mail
Behshti Zewar - Salaah

The Wajib Acts of Salaat

The following things are wajib in salaat:

To recite Surah Faatihah.

To recite some other Surah with it.

To execute every fard act at its specific place.

To stand and recite Surah Faatihah and to recite some Surah with it.

To go into ruku.

To go into sajdah.

To sit down after two rakaats.

To recite at-tahiyyaat in both the sitting postures.

To recite dua-e-qunoot in witr salaat.

To complete the salaat by saying As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah.

To perform all the acts with patience and without rushing.

The Fard Acts of Salaat PDF Print E-mail
Behshti Zewar - Salaah

The Fard Acts of Salaat

There are six acts which are fard in salaat:

To say Allahu Akbar at the time of making the intention.

To stand up.

To recite any verse or Surah from the Quran.

To make the ruku.

To make the two sajdahs.

To sit down at the end of salaat for as long as it takes one to recite the entire at-tahiyyaat.

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